Why is Jewelry important? What happens to jewelry and watches after 2021?

Jewelry is an inherent part of appearance. In women fashion jewelry and accessorizing their look date back to the earliest civilization in human history. It has been one of the essential forms of personal expression since the ancient past. According to scholars of human civilization and culture, the use of some kind of jewelry in women (especially) has been one of the most permanent aspects of personal attire and its worldwide popularity is undisputable even today.

What is the history of Jewelry?

Jewelry is a universal form of ornamentation. Even in prehistoric times, when human habitats were caves and jungles and they wore leaves, not clothes to cover their bodies, some forms of Jewelry made out of shells, stone and bones were customary as a protection from the dangers of life or as a mark of status or rank. Later on, stones and metals got introduced as soon as humans discovered how to work with metals. Art of jewelry has a continuous and laborious history of development much similar to human society. It has come a long way now where we see sophisticated metal designs of gold and platinum with precious stones such as diamond and sapphire elegantly carved and finessed into intricate designs.

Metals in women’s fine jewelry have also been symbolic of social status in many parts of the world. For instance, the jewelry worn in medieval Europe reflected an intensely hierarchical and status-conscious society. Royalty and the nobility wore precious gems in silver and gold jewelry. Ranks inferior in the society were to wear base metals, such as copper or pewter. The bigger and more dazzling-colored jewelry was the more expensive and valuable it would be. Also, gems were mostly polished rather than cut until the late 14th century. Goldsmiths used enamels to color the jewelry designs. They used a range of key techniques to create effects that are still in practice even today.

History also finds associations of jewelry with the well-being of humans. Particular types of stone with certain metal pairing were worn with a belief of protection against specific ailments or threats, ranging from toothache to chemical imbalances in the body. They could also encourage or banish such characteristics as bravery or melancholy. Superstition and good luck were the other aspects, tied very firmly with the human psychology and belief system, found their traces centuries back in the age of the Persian Empire and survived until today in some parts of the world.

Where do people shop for jewelry?

Regardless of the underlying belief to wear gemstones or metals, the apparent use of jewelry has always been a way to look classy and elegant. No matter it is a fashion jewelry necklace or birthstone bracelet, jewelry always gives confidence and a feel-good sensation to the wearer. Ironically, the same jewelry is also a source of confusion and nervousness at the time of its selection and purchase for almost everyone. When we talk about its importance and demand in business it actually reveals how many people are interested in buying this product.

Jewelry business is one of the high-investment and high-risk industries in the world. However, jewelry is the most precious element of fashion which makes it a high-demand product around the world. Wholesale fashion jewelry and fine jewelry stores online have cut the business expenses tremendously for the sellers and, resultantly, buyers are paying significantly less than they used to spend at a brick-and-mortar shop downtown. According to the statistics provided by Statista, the global jewelry and watches market value forecast has risen from approximately 229.3 billion U.S. dollars recorded in 2019 to a potential value of 291.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. That means the demand for jewelry products will continue to grow by 30% in the next five years. Amazing?!

Given that Google is the top go-to platform these days to look for anything under the sky, let’s analyze people’s interest in this product and their buying behavior on Google Trends for the period of past five years. Despite the seasonal fluctuations, jewelry is a pretty steady product all year round that people will always search for and buy. Interestingly, these statistics also reveal the way the eCommerce market is growing over the past 5 years in comparison to traditional offline bricks-and-mortar businesses. People have bought and will continue to buy jewelry online more often with every passing day at a more affordable price without leaving the comfort of their homes.

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